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Udruženje Gastroenterologa Crne Gore
Udruženje Gastroenterologa Crne Gore Udruženje Gastroenterologa Crne Gore
Gastroenterohepatology Association of Montenegro, GAM
Address: Podgorica, Zmaj Jovina bb. Blok 365 Stari Aerodrom, ulaz I sprat VI

GAM membership
GAM is a collective memberWGO, UEG, ESGE.

Record from the founding assembly of the GAM (MNE language)

Articles of Association GAM (MNE language)

On 25.03.2009. was held in the Constituent Assembly of the Association and then adopted the Statute for our Association. As a non-governmental association, the index of non-governmental association called "Association gastroenterohepatologists Montenegro (UGCG) and in English" Gastroenterohepatology Association of Montenegro "(GAM), numbered 4875, we entered on 5.10.2009. years and then get a solution. The association has 18 members.

After forwarding all necessary documentation on 24.novembra, 2009 in London, United Kingdom, we as an association (GAM) admitted to ESGE (European Society of Gastrointerstinal Endoscopy), as full members.

On 04/01/2010, as an association we got a "temporary" permit for WGO (World Gastroenterology Organisation). Our application for membership of the WGO will be presented to the General Assembly during the World Congress and 2013-and the final enrollment.
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