According to Article 38 of the UGCG Statute, Association membership is based upon the application,
reffered to Association’s Board of Directors, which involves acceptance statement regarding goals,
rights, obligations and responsibilities established by the Association`s Statute. The Presidency
reviews the application and informs the applicant about decision within a month.
The application can be submitted via residence address or e-mail address of the Association.

Membership fee

Dear members,
We kindly ask you to pay the membership fee as soon as possible due to Association proper
We remind you that according to the Statute, the membership fee payment is mandatory.
The membership fee can be paid:
- directly at Addiko Bank, where our Association established bank account
- or cessating certain part of the monthly salary, by signing and presenting the consent to
corresponding authorities in your institution.
Payment instructions: Addiko Bank AD Podgorica Account number: 555-9002225608-81
Purpose of remittance: Membership fee for UGCG
Recipient: Gastroenterohepatologists Association of Montenegro
Payment per month: 5 euros
We provided you the STATEMENT form in the attachment, for which you may consent regulation
method of the obligation in question (if you pay with cessation in Accounting)


Prof. Brigita Smolović